Cadie Iron Bottom Cleaner Stick (USA made)

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Cadie Iron Bottom Cleaner Stick (USA made)

  • Removes Burned on Starch on your Iron Soleplate
  • Eliminates drag and damage to delicate fabrics
  • Removes sticky residue from soleplate
  • Restores iron soleplate to
  • Easy to Usa, Reusable Stick, Made in USA.

Product description

Cadie Iron Bottom Cleaner Stick, eliminates the starch build-up and sticky residue on your iron soleplate, restores the new look smooth surface bottom, making it glide easily for less drag and eliminates damage to your delicate fabrics. Iron Bottom Cleaner Stick will not remove heat discoloration, water stains, or permanent changes in the metal finish of the soleplate. Instructions included on the package. Made in USA.


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