Pack of 12 Seconds NEW Hemp/Organic Cotton Inserts

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Pack of 12 Seconds NEW Hemp/Organic Cotton Inserts


Minor cosmetic defects. Inserts are from different "batches" and may have a slightly different color; same quality.

Seconds items are sold as/is and are not returnable or exchangeable.

About the Product

  • HappyEndingsTM 4 Layer Organic Hemp & Cotton inserts are perfect for Heavy Wetters! These inserts fit all One Size cloth diapers, with measurements of 13.5in. by 5 in.
  • Hemp is meant to be used as a doubler; it is the most absorbent natural material, but it also absorbs slowly, so we recommend using a bamboo or microfiber insert on top of your hemp one.
  • Hemp contains antimicrobial qualities. Hemp and cotton are great natural fibers.
  • Materials: 55%hemp/45%organic cotton fleece. CARE: This product can be used after just one wash. However, because of the natural oils in hemp, multiple washings are required before reaching maximum absorbency. Wash on warm. Dry on low heat. Although some shrinkage of the fabric around the edges of hemp/cotton is common, over-drying or washing/drying on high heat can cause extreme shrinkage in hemp/cotton fabric.


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