Hello Happy Endings Family,

     I recently put in an order with you all and I really just have one question for you. What the heck is going on in Oregon? These diapers are absolutely amazing!! Every single thing about ordering from you has been an exceptional experience. From the pricing to the shipping to receiving the actual product, you all have provided me and my wife a truly amazing experience. 

     My wife and I enjoy wearing diapers for fun. It's not a need for us and your diapers are honestly a ton of fun. I have been wearing them out and testing their limits since I've got them. I've rocked them to work, at home, working out and yesterday I even tested them out on a run. 

     The number one thing I have to say about them is that they are fun! They feel good and I honestly want to give them to everyone I am closest too. They are just that good. And they feel amazing!!  

     If you all ever are looking for a model or want a rigorous product tester, I would be proud to do some work for you all. I honestly believe this is the beginning of an amazing relationship and I can't wait to do future business with you all. 

Thank you for everything,


Review for your site!

Hello! I just wanted to write a quick review on the diapers, covers and inserts we have been using for our 16 month old son. When we started looking for diapers we wanted something very natural (for our babies' sensitive skin) but also something that was going to work and not lead to leaks. He is a heavy wetter. We decided to purchase the hemp and organic cotton fitteds with the diaper covers and also the 4 layer hemp and organic cotton inserts for nighttime use. We are so happy with our purchase! These are the best fitted diapers we have come across so far and we have tried many. We love that they are natural and organic against our son's skin. We have never had any issues with rashes or leaking with these diapers. And we absolutely love the covers! We ordered three to try them out and we are going to order more! They are not thin and cheap feeling like some of the other ones we tried and they have such cute designs. They hold everything in and we like that they have the pocket on the inside for the extra insert that we use at night! Thank you so much for your products, they make cloth diapering a breeze :) 


Morning:) (Adult Cloth Diapers)

I just wanted to write a short email to let you know your adult diaper designs and quality is fantastic. I have tried all kinds of cloth diapers over the years. Angle fluff, snap EZ just to name a couple. They all leak. The material is sub-par and they never feel comfortable. Thank you for producing a product that is on par with what diapers should do. And for those young at heart like me, thank you for making available designs that are fun rather than the customary white. Your diapers are amazing. I love them. Thank you!!!!




Daniel F. 

Better than Disposables

This review is from: HappyEndings Kid Pull On Reusable Cloth Diapers / Training Pants (Large (Fits 45-60lbs), Camping) (Baby Product)

I just got my diaper in the mail today and I was so excited to try it on my daughter. She is 50lbs and Ive been searching for a really long time for a cloth diaper or training pants that would fit her. She has been doing good with day time potty training be she still has accidents at night so Im really hoping this solves our problem. Thanks so much!

Update: She filled the diaper with no leaks!


Adult & Baby Cloth Diapers Review

Hi with my wife being disabled and raising are granddaughter with autism I'm on a budget I found you on a Google search with the cost of diapers today I dedicated to try your happy endings diapers and I'm very happy with the price is very good lower than others I have seen and the quality and fit is greatso I've got enough in my budget to order more thank you for the happy endings
Thank you,  

James L.
Very pleased with your products and customer service

These diapers are seriously my favorite! (HappyEndings "Night, Night" AIOs)

Since im horrible and giving reviews and I still owe Karissa a review for our NB covers lol. I'll post here. These diapers are seriously my favorite! I love the double gussets, I love the charcoal bamboo, I love the fact I can add extra absorbency & I LOVE the cute designs! Our little girl is also a heavywetter and the "Night Night" diapers last her about 10hrs. The best thing about HappyEndings Eco Diapers has been the customer service. Karissa has been a huge help and shes always gone above and beyond in my diapering needs. PS I will be ordering agaib very soon!


AWESOME Adult Diapers

First, let me say, you guys are AWESOME! Ordering was hassle-free, shipping was fast, and you finally gave me a source for plain pocket diapers that are less expensive than what i have been buying without having htem shipped from China. I really like both of the diaper types I purchased, ie the velcro and the snap on. I initally had concerns about the velcro diapers, because in the past velcro has scratched my skin, but honestly, if i attatch it right the product fits just fine with no scratches :) the velcor diapers are very comfortable, and keep my skin dry. I deal w/ a neurogenic bladder, of the underactive variety, which means  can retain for hours and have niagra falls. With 3 inserts i have no doubt that your diapers would rise to the challenge. Also, I did NOT expect to recieve a free wet bag with my orders! That is a surefire way to build customer loyalty, keep doing it as much as possible! You guys are awesome! 


Review of Hemp/Organic cotton blended fitted diapers

Karissa, I also got lost in the holiday but have not forgotten:)

Here is my review for the hemp organic cotton blended diapers....

4 and a half stars out of 5, let me say right off the half star is pending until I see how well they wash and wear. These are great diapers, very adjustable and soft. I have 10 of these diapers and have had them for over a month now and so far they wash and wear very well. I do not totally dry them in the dryer, I leave them damp and let them finish drying on a drying rack. I am wearing them on my 15 pound 3 1/2 month old, but I can tell by the adjustability of them I could have used them from birth. The two snap in liners are also great, another place they are adjustable! As the old diaper we have continue to wear out I intend to replace them with these awesome diapers! I'm sure they will earn that half star, :)


I have also attached pictures of my daughter Lotus in the diaper.

Thanks again for the great diapers! 



"Night, Night" AIO Review!

Dear Happy Endings, 


Thank you for the FABULOUS and AFFORDABLE diapers. This is our first time cloth diapering and we started with a wide variety of cloth diapers from several different companies. We have a heavy wetter and I was frequently waking up multiple times a night in puddles from the little one. A generous friend handed down to us a few of your "Night, Night" Charcoal Bamboo AIO diapers (plus pocket!) and my life is changed forever! When baby wears those diapers he can sleep twice as long without any leaks. THANK YOU! I've just placed an order for several more. Seriously, these diapers leave in the dust more spendy options like Grovia, Thirsties, and Fuzzy Bunz. You guys rock. 


Thank you!! 


Good morning Happy Endings Eco!

Good morning Happy Endings Eco!

My name is Audrey and I'm 6 months old. I've been using disposables for overnight and I was not happy. Sometimes I would have a blow out and my mom and dad would spend too much time changing me. I don't think they liked it. Well, last night they decided to put me into a charcoal Happy Endings Eco overnight AIO with a pocket. Boy did i love that! I woke up and felt so good and soft on my booty! I didn't have any leaks thanks to the gussets, and because i didn't have a blow out, I was all smiles when my daddy came in to get me. I already looked good wearing your diapers during the day, but i think my parents like this overnight solution even more now! I just wanted to say thank you for that easy transition to overnight. You were already my favorite brand and now i think you're my mom's favorite too!!

Audrey, a happy cloth baby!!"

Just wanted to email this review from my daughter. Love your diapers!

I just received a snappy AIO, a velcro AIO and a AI2. I wrote you a little review on them.

I just received a snappy AIO, a velcro AIO and a AI2. I wrote you a little review on them;

We love the HappyEnding diapers! Besides the neat looking prints (we prefer gender neutral and there are many options!), we love how not bulky they are! All of them came with the 5 layer charcoal/bamboo inserts and even with the extra insert they are not bulky. Even made to the smallest size. We have some China cheapies but they don't come close to the HappyEnding diapers. Especially with the special offers and diaper packs they offer it is possible to have a way more durable diaper for a great price. We love the double gussets, they really work and give much more closure around the legs. With many other diapers we noticed leakage when we use more inserts. Not with the AIO's from HappyEndings. Did I already mention how cute they look?


Great Diaper for my 99th percentile baby! ("Night, Night" AIO)

Lightning fast shipping
First impressions:
Great quality, stitching/seams look well made!
LOVE the LINED double gusset!
SUPER SOFT (and it stays that way even after multiple washes and line drying)

I washed this several times before first use (As suggested), and it definitely continues to improve in absorbency. Sometimes I do a "Wet check" without taking it off baby and I can't even tell how wet it is until I take it off and feel how heavy it is! I love how this will accommodate my chunky baby, but will snap down TINY for small babes. I love the "belly material" on the inside for tummy sleepers so there are no leaks. No wing drop (I snap with two of the top snaps visible, if that makes sense). The extra pocket is also amazing, I will stuff the pocket and add another inside for night time, and it keeps for 5-6 hours overnight (would last longer if my baby didn't nurse ALL NIGHT). Very pleased with this product, and have ordered 10 more.

ONLY con is how long it takes to dry, but it is NOT unique to this diaper, as ALL AIO's have this issue. This company also has velcro closures (lifesaver for night time wiggly baby changes and for grandparents), as well as AI2's (We have a few of each and love all of them). This is by far the highest quality cloth I've purchased, and I LOVE the huge inserts. Be sure to wash several times to achieve the max absorbency!