AIO diaper with many great features

The Night Night Diapers are awesome for a few reasons. First it has these little 'wings' that come out of the legs (double gussets) that most AIO diapers do not have. I really like this. Also they are a perfect AIO diaper during the day (without an insert) and all you need for night is to add a bamboo charcoal insert (or two for a heavy heavy wetter). Also the inside is dark grey instead of white so you don't have poop stains! Whats better than that. I cant wait to buy more of these!

Note: If you are having trouble with these leaking the first several times you use them, wash them a lot. I have read that true absorption doesn't start until about the 7th wash because of natural oils and such. I had a slight leaking problem at the start with my 2 year old but the more I washed them the problem naturally went away.

~Amy from TX