Love these!!!

I’m a newbie in terms of cloth diapering, not having researched it during pregnancy like I should have. I bought this diaper just as something I happened across on Amazon in an attempt to increase my stash. My baby is 3 months old and generally wakes up every 1.5 hours, I assumed to nurse, but I was curious as to whether he would go longer in between feedings (assuming he’s not in a growth spurt) if he stayed drier at night. Well … HE DID! The first night we tried the overnight diaper, I was thrilled when he slept for 3 straight hours, ate, then after I determined he still felt dry, he slept for another 3 straight! A few nights later, same thing! (Now I just have to learn to sleep that long, since I constantly wake up to check on him :)). I went to the actual website ( and found even more prints and deals, and I’m following on Facebook to take advantage of discounts and sales to further increase our stash. After two poop blowouts in two days using disposables, I’m doubly excited to get more of these - the double gusset is amazing!! The affordability of these makes me much less anxious about weeding out ’sposies because of the cost!