My favorite cloth diaper hands down!!

So I was new to the cloth diapering world and did my due diligence: I purchased one AIO diaper from every brand recommended to me to see which I liked best. I bought Bumgenius freetimes, Bumgenius elemental, smart bottoms, bottom bumpers, and a few custom ones. I had never even heard of Happyendings Eco diapers but happened upon them on Amazon and I loved their cute prints. They are significantly cheaper than the other brands (sometimes even half the price!) so I wasn't expecting much but you know, they're cute so one couldn't hurt!

Amazingly, I ended up loving them the best. The reasons are:
1) their prints are adorable
2) price point
3) they have a great fit for my baby - full/high bum coverage but perfect btwn the legs coverage. I felt bottom bumpers were too thin in the middle and often leaked. Bumgenius has really wide middles so I keeps babies legs far apart.
4) the bamboo is so soft!! It's like fleece vs the cottony feel of the other brands
5) most importantly they absorb pee and keep baby dry MUCH better than the other more expensive brands. When I take off the other diapers baby's skin is moist but not so with these.

I've since sold most of my other ones (except for the Bumgenius freetimes since they at least function fine for us, but they are all solid colors and not very fun) and I recently purchased a load of these! I'm so excited!!! Hubby is excited to do less laundry now too :)

~Grace L.