Happyendingssecodiapers are by far the best!

Happyendingsecodiapers are by far the best diapers I have ever purchased. I actually have 9 more in my shopping cart as we speak. I am trying to make my whole entire stash these diapers!! They're so soft on my baby's bottom and never seem to leave her with redness. The material really keeps baby dry as advertised in the description. My little girl wets a lot during her after noon naps, she'd always wake up soaked in my other diapers. But since I purchased some night night diapers and a charcoal bamboo insert it has never happened again. These diapers are awesome for my belly sleeper because of the extra guard at the top!! My only complaint is that I wish there were more patterns and that they sell out fast but that's obviously because I'm not the only one who knows these are the best diapers out there !!!!

~Chelsea B.