Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fitted Review

These are by far the best diapers I've ever purchased. We've slowly been building a cloth diaper stash since our little man was about three months old. Before thatI'd never thought of cloth diapering. Our Jelly Bean is a heavy wetter at night so we had to use disposables at night. But just last month he started leaking through. Now I'm a stay at home mom so money is sometimes tight. I do surveys and things to earn a few extra dollars and finally had enough to purchase this! My husband said if it works as well as the reviews said we could find more money in our budget for a few more! I'm so excited.  We've been trying this diaper for over two weeks with only two leaks! (Not sure the cover was secure enough)so happy to have this diaper and can't wait to get more! 

Ashley H