The best AIO

Of all the cloth diapers I've used, these are my favorite! They are super absorbent and fit great. Also, they are so well made and have such great patterns/colors. We generally use pocket diapers for the fast dry time and the simplicity. I've tried other AIO diapers but wasn't really sold. But after using these I wish I could replace my entire stash with these diapers! This is my second go round with cloth diapers after cloth diapering my last baby until potty training. I was so excited to get back to cloth diapering with this baby because I really felt like I had worked out all the kinks last time and was super happy with my diapers. However, I wanted to try something new for overnight because the new baby hates feeling wet. So I found these diapers and am so glad that I did!

Let me explain why:

1- the fit : Our baby is a chunk (I'm talking bunches of leg rolls!) and as a result, we have issues with getting diapers to fit well around the legs. If the diaper doesn't fit well we have leaks around the leg holes. The double gussets around the legs guarantee no leaks. They have great elastic which makes the fit perfect!

2- the charcoal lining - I love diapers with charcoal lining! you don't ever have to worry about staining or discoloration. They always look great!

3- the absorbency - Even after the longest naps, baby's bum feels dry. Generally with cloth diapers, there is some moisture. It's just part of the cloth to have a little dampness if the diaper has been on for awhile. But we don't have that with these diapers.

4- the price - The price of these diapers is excellent, especially for the quality. If you check their website, they have clearance deals and specials that make the diapers even cheaper.

Aside from the diapers, the charcoal bamboo inserts that you can get to go with them are phenomenal! I haven't had to use them in these diapers yet but I use them in my other pocket diapers and they work great. Super absorbent and no odors.

I think the only downside to these diapers are the drying time. That's the general issue with any AIO. It's not much of a downside for me, I just run them through the dryer once turned inside out and then lay them out to dry on top of the dryer. Yes, it does take a little longer but the extra absorbency is so worth it!

You should definitely try these diapers! They are the best.

~Geni D.