Ya'll Are Great!

Hi my name is Alisha.
We have been using cloth for almost a year now. We stared with prefolds and reseving blankets then switched to alva pockets. We where still using disposables for night time and disposable wipes. A few months ago my friend let me try her cloth wipes and I feel in love with them. However I didn't want to buy 15 for $10 off of Kelly'swhen I could make my own so that is what I did I made over 100 for about $14. Now the same friend has asked me to make her some. I was sick of buying disposable as well for night time so she recommended I try home aio's so I ordered 3 from alva. (I am the type of person that doesn't like change if I know cometh ij .ng works that's what I stick with so it was hard for me to switch to aio's for night) well after placing the order with alva (I ordered a few more things than just aio) when I actually got my order one thing was missing and they have still yet to fix the problem when I spent more that $100 with them. Well out of the problem3 aio one was not what the sight cleaned it to be and I DID NOT like that diaper and one of the elastics on the pocket broke. (They have still not gotten back to me on eather problem and it's been 3 weeks) my son did good in them for night Time with an insert in the pocket of the aio so I thought I would order some more but did not want to go threw alva and dint want to pay Kelly's prices so I got on amazon. And that is where god sent me y'all I ordered calls Ogga booga and Elaphents. I was so excited when I got them cause they where so cute and ran to prep them. I was instantly in love with them after the 2nd round in my prep. Run they where already fluffyer than my alvas that had about 8-10rounds even y'all insert was insert was twice as fluffy as all of my alva inserts. So I was so excited my friend came over and I HAD to show off ny diapers!! Needless to say we where both just amazed. So I put my son in one for night and was hoping they didn't sleek threw with him peeing so much got up and changes him the next morning and expecting the whole insert to be sopping wet  and it wasn't it was only half wet!!! And that's when I feel in love with the diaper all over again!!!!!!!! Told my friend and she ordered 2 off of amazon as well for her lil girl!!! And I will be orderi.ng more of your diapers when some of the sold out ones come back in stock on the web page.   I was wondering if y'all where thinking of seeking wipe solutions? My friend and I have both been looking for a whip solution we are in love with it's rubby moon wipe bits Kelly's use .tk have them for $7 for a 4 or 5 oZ. Bag and they don't have them any more:( 

So I just wanted to lets you know how in love with your diapers I am for not liking new things and I will keep spreading how awesome they are around to all my cloth groups on Facebook. Y'all are great!!!!