Amazing Diapers!!!

Good morning! I had to let y'all know how amazing your diapers are! For the record let me say I always try to put a product through the wringer to see how they hold up. I try to find the bad before the good. These diapers have NO BAD, ALL GOOD. I started cloth diapering my 1.5 year old and put of ALL the other brands I've tried these are THE best. My friend gave me one to try because she loved them! So now here I am stock piling with all the Happy Endings diapers! I love that they are dark inside instead of the white other companies use. I have a boy so we play in the mud often and these diapers seriously hold up to so .much and stains wash right out! I also have a very heavy wetter and these diapers are perfect for daily and nighttime use! Super absorbent without the BULK. My son loves the patterns as well!:) All around amazing. Thank you for such great quality diapers I can trust for my son.