No More Leaks!!

 I was beyond frustrated with my cloth diapering experience. Every diaper I had tried seemed to end up in a leaky mess and I was about to throw in the towel on cloth diapering. As a first time mom I really wanted to give my daughter the best of everything, including cloth diapering, but it didn't seem like it was working with my heavy wetter. Then I found Happyendings "Night Night" line. At first I was hesitant to sink more money into cloth diapers but I decided to try one more time. I have been thrilled with my experience! From the first wear we have been leak free. I thought that maybe it was a fluke but having tried one of each of the Night Night line I can safely say that these diapers are the answer to the heavy wetter baby. No only do they work wonderful but they look adorable!! I can get the coverage I need and still have the cute fluff butt. Happyendings Night Night line saved my cloth diapering experience!