The BEST Overnight Diaper!

My little girl has leaked out of overnight diapers even when they were double stuffed since she was six months old. We had to resort to using disposable overnight diapers, which I really didn't like. I finally found some prefitted diapers that work well overnight, but feel so wet in the morning--that can't be comfortable for Emilia. Finally I stumbled across Happy Endings and decided to try one out. Last night, the little lady slept very well, woke up to eat at 5:30, then went back to sleep until almost 7, which never happens! When I changed her diaper, it still felt dry on the part against her skin, and the insert barely felt wet.

I love that it's an AIO diaper that doesn't have flaps at the front and back. It makes it so much easier getting the diaper on a squirming toddler. My girl is 16 months, 22 lbs, and this diaper fit her snapped down one size, so there's a lot of room for her to grow and continue wearing the diaper. Plus it's so soft and comfy! I definitely plan on buying more! I only wish I had discovered these nighttime diapers before we had to buy disposables!

~Veronica M.