I first purchased your green adult diapers on amazon. I haven't had such a comfortable diaper ever! I'm a young (30), fit active man. At first i was a bit unsure how i would do with washable diapers. My problem is a spastic bladder, so i needed heavy protection. My wife and i have a1 year old daughter that we use similar diapers with. My wife recommended we try similar for myself as we are already in the washable diaper routine. I found them to meet my needs perfectly, and after the first night, i ordered four more from your site. I will be ordering around 20 me pairs as currently i am using 4+ a day.
Thank you again for giving me such a piece of mind, and absolute comfort! As embarrassing as a topic it is, i felt a need to reach out and tell you how positively your product has effected my life. Thank you!