The diapers I ordered.

I absolutely love the diapers! The 2 fitted are great for overnight and they don't leave red marks on my daughter. The KAWAII I love the Velcro it is probably the easiest cloth diaper to get on her and also fits really well around her leg, but easy for her to take off. The AIO & AI2 oh my they are great too. I still have to double or triple up on inserts and liners because she is a very heavy wetter and even with the AI2 I can only use the shell once and she still leaks thru a little. I would love to have options between Velcro and snaps for the AIO, AI2 & fitted just to make it easier to 

The pink owl diaper cover is super cute and very useful and helps guard against leaks.

The custumer service is top notch and the best I have had the chance to work with. I will recommend HappyEndings Eco Diapers to everyone looking for affordable cloth diapering. 

Thank you again for helping me and recommending the fitted!