A review of the OS Night/Heavy Wetter diaper

The OS night/heavy wetter diaper is the most thoughtfully designed diaper that I have in my stash. I am currently cloth diapering baby #2 and am so happy to have found this company. With baby #1 I tried many different brands and styles of diapers, most of which left red bands around his legs and after 13 months of washing they all started to look a little dingy (thankfully he fully potty trained at 13 months, a wonderful cloth diapering bonus for any of you who are on the fence about trying it). The OS heavy wetter diaper keeps my daughter (baby #2) dry all night as she is now sleeping through the night at 4 months. The pocket option lets me stuff it with extra bamboo at night, and leave it unstuffed for daytime. The charcoal liner keeps things looking neat, the extra leg gusset keeps mess in but never leaves red marks, and the size is generous enough to last her all the way to the potty. Some OS diapers claim to be birth to potty, but did not fit baby #1 past 20 lbs. Last, and probably least on the practicality list, are the prints! It is so hard to find a collection of prints that are really beautiful that you want to look at and stuff every day (because honestly, mama, you are the one admiring them 8-10 times per day. Baby doesn't care if you pass on the childish rainbow and baby ducky prints). Personal favorites: Birdhouse and Deep Sea. This is the only diaper that I have ever reviewed or recommended to friends, I am just that pleased. For picture reference, my daughter is 4 months and 15 1/2 pounds. 


Thank you!