Review of HappyEndings "Night, Night" All In One Diaper

I'm getting ready to place another order for your "OS HappyEndings Night, Night AIO charcoal diapers".  After weeks of reviewing cloth diapers online, talking to cloth diapering moms, and attending a cloth diapering class I came across your diapers on I ordered a couple and instantly fell in love.  I didn't waste time placing a second order, but this time I went directly through your website and ordered one of the 4-pack deals. When they arrived I couldn't stop holding them, looking at them and saying "how cute" they are🤗.
 I showed my family and my dear husband that cloth diapering isn't anything to be scared of and now they are all on board!

Our baby isn't due until 7/1/16, but I know these diapers are going to work out great!

Thank you,