Great Diaper for my 99th percentile baby! ("Night, Night" AIO)

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First impressions:
Great quality, stitching/seams look well made!
LOVE the LINED double gusset!
SUPER SOFT (and it stays that way even after multiple washes and line drying)

I washed this several times before first use (As suggested), and it definitely continues to improve in absorbency. Sometimes I do a "Wet check" without taking it off baby and I can't even tell how wet it is until I take it off and feel how heavy it is! I love how this will accommodate my chunky baby, but will snap down TINY for small babes. I love the "belly material" on the inside for tummy sleepers so there are no leaks. No wing drop (I snap with two of the top snaps visible, if that makes sense). The extra pocket is also amazing, I will stuff the pocket and add another inside for night time, and it keeps for 5-6 hours overnight (would last longer if my baby didn't nurse ALL NIGHT). Very pleased with this product, and have ordered 10 more.

ONLY con is how long it takes to dry, but it is NOT unique to this diaper, as ALL AIO's have this issue. This company also has velcro closures (lifesaver for night time wiggly baby changes and for grandparents), as well as AI2's (We have a few of each and love all of them). This is by far the highest quality cloth I've purchased, and I LOVE the huge inserts. Be sure to wash several times to achieve the max absorbency!