AWESOME Adult Diapers

First, let me say, you guys are AWESOME! Ordering was hassle-free, shipping was fast, and you finally gave me a source for plain pocket diapers that are less expensive than what i have been buying without having htem shipped from China. I really like both of the diaper types I purchased, ie the velcro and the snap on. I initally had concerns about the velcro diapers, because in the past velcro has scratched my skin, but honestly, if i attatch it right the product fits just fine with no scratches :) the velcor diapers are very comfortable, and keep my skin dry. I deal w/ a neurogenic bladder, of the underactive variety, which means  can retain for hours and have niagra falls. With 3 inserts i have no doubt that your diapers would rise to the challenge. Also, I did NOT expect to recieve a free wet bag with my orders! That is a surefire way to build customer loyalty, keep doing it as much as possible! You guys are awesome!