Fine Product in Adult Sizes

I am writing to thank you for making such a fine product in adult sizes. Since I have started to need diapers full time, I have not been thrilled about the idea of having to shell out 100's a month for disposable diapers. I have tried a few other cloth diapers but yours have meet what I was hoping for, they are comfortable, they fit me (I am on the heaving side and a 44" waist, and some adult cloth diapers don't go up to that size), and even feel dry even after used (I have had some mornings where I thought I had not wet the night before until I took off the diaper and saw that they were wet)

I will admit when I first got them don't know what possessed me to get the ones with the prints, but I have come to love the prints on them (not like any one else will ever see the prints as they are covered by clothing) but I enjoy Sci-Fi and the blast off prints are kind of "fun" to wear when I either watch sci-fi shows or read my sci-fi books.
The only time I don't wear them now (and rely on disposables) is when I go to work, but I am wondering if I could make these work while going to work, the questions left is how to store the wet diapers when I change my diaper at work, and how to hide them enough so no one know that I am wearing a diaper. But other than that I have started to wear your diapers full time to manage the loss of bladder control.

Expect me to pick up a few more over the next couple of months, as I divert part of my disposable diaper budget to buying your diapers (still not sure on how many I should have for full time usage, any guidance would be appreciated, I use to use 6 to 9 disposables when I used them exclusively) 

Again thanks for making such wonderful diapers for adults that need them, and don't want to continually shell out money for disposables.

~Michael O.