Review for your site!

Hello! I just wanted to write a quick review on the diapers, covers and inserts we have been using for our 16 month old son. When we started looking for diapers we wanted something very natural (for our babies' sensitive skin) but also something that was going to work and not lead to leaks. He is a heavy wetter. We decided to purchase the hemp and organic cotton fitteds with the diaper covers and also the 4 layer hemp and organic cotton inserts for nighttime use. We are so happy with our purchase! These are the best fitted diapers we have come across so far and we have tried many. We love that they are natural and organic against our son's skin. We have never had any issues with rashes or leaking with these diapers. And we absolutely love the covers! We ordered three to try them out and we are going to order more! They are not thin and cheap feeling like some of the other ones we tried and they have such cute designs. They hold everything in and we like that they have the pocket on the inside for the extra insert that we use at night! Thank you so much for your products, they make cloth diapering a breeze :)