Hello Happy Endings Family,

     I recently put in an order with you all and I really just have one question for you. What the heck is going on in Oregon? These diapers are absolutely amazing!! Every single thing about ordering from you has been an exceptional experience. From the pricing to the shipping to receiving the actual product, you all have provided me and my wife a truly amazing experience. 

     My wife and I enjoy wearing diapers for fun. It's not a need for us and your diapers are honestly a ton of fun. I have been wearing them out and testing their limits since I've got them. I've rocked them to work, at home, working out and yesterday I even tested them out on a run. 

     The number one thing I have to say about them is that they are fun! They feel good and I honestly want to give them to everyone I am closest too. They are just that good. And they feel amazing!!  

     If you all ever are looking for a model or want a rigorous product tester, I would be proud to do some work for you all. I honestly believe this is the beginning of an amazing relationship and I can't wait to do future business with you all. 

Thank you for everything,