Thank you! (Pull Up Diapers)

We received our pull up diapers today in Switzerland. I just wanted to say thank you for our chosen design on the free product, and we are very happy with the diapers!! 
The design for a fabric pull on diaper for toddlers and children for potty training and night time wetting is just brilliant. I found you online from a lot of browsing. I couldn't find anything like in a cloth nappy in Europe. As i said, with its giving and adjustable pull up design, the comfortable fabrics (not crinkly and noisy!), the pocket for putting extra inserts for absorbency and leg gussets (which really help a lot) and of course with such nice designs. Happy endings really ticks all the boxes! Ive used cloth diapers from 2 years old with my first two kids for the potty training year. They were either bulky, leaked, uncomfortable or too tight on the legs as they grew. I wish I had discovered Happyendings sooner.. My youngest is two now and we hope for some happy endings to the diaper stage with your product! ;)

Thank you, with kind regards, Amy H.