Give With Us

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Dear Customer,

HappyEndings Eco Diapers has partnered with With Love, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children in Foster Care. Their aim is to insure that foster care parents have everything a little one could need and they work directly with the families to accurately and fully meet those needs. As a cloth diapering company, we are excited to join With Love on this mission by giving at least 10% of our net monthly profits in diapers and accessories.

We are passionate about making sure each child has the opportunity of a family and we think With Love makes this more possible, as receiving an item like diapers takes off a huge burden on a foster parent! We also love that this organization is local -we want to help our neighbors! Thank you for joining us in giving to With Love. Please take the time to watch the video below and visit their website to see what good they do.

We continue to give a portion of our profits to With Love (even though we haven't updated the ad, yet!) -It's EXCITING!


Karissa Worst

Owner of HappyEndings Eco Diapers