(SPECIAL!) 4 Pack HappyEndings Hook & Loop Closure All In Ones and a Day-Sized Wet Bag


(SPECIAL!) 4 Pack HappyEndings Hook & Loop Closure All In Ones and a Day-Sized Wet Bag


4 Pack Bundle of 3 All In Ones (no additional inserts included) and one day-sized wet bag. You will receive the prints pictured; no substitutions available.

About the Wet Bag:

  • Versatile/Compact: Ideal for use in small spaces at home (door knob/handle) or when you are on the go (snaps onto your stroller, diaper or gym/pool bag).
  • Purpose: Use for storing your dirty laundry, damp cloth diapers, daycare, toiletries, feminine negligee, pool or gym/hiking items.
  • Includes: 2 metal zippered compartments for keeping wet and dry items separate. The handle is made of sturdy nylon with a snap for easy attachment to a knob, stroller, or bag. Measures 14 in. long by 11.5in. wide -the perfect compact diaper bag size for a long day out.
  • The water resistant polyurethane coated 100% polyester fabric keeps moisture in. The wet bag will remain dry on the outside. Wet items must be fully wrung out before placed in the bag, as excess water may cause leaks through the seams.
  • Efficient and Eco-Friendly: Wash with your load of dirty laundry and reuse again! Hang dries quickly on the line. Save money and energy. Reduce waste!

About the Diapers

  • Trim All in One design with adjustable 3x3 rise snaps (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large) + hip snaps to avoid wing droop & crossover snaps for smaller babies; fits babies 8-35 lbs. Gentle covered double elastic around the legs prevents messes. Our double leg gussets are covered for baby's comfort.
  • Soft, Stain Resistant, Stay-Dry Charcoal Bamboo Fleece OR Micro Fleece Inner lining (Pirate's Booty/Fly Babe) -Great for babies who sleep through the night and/or get rashes due to wetness.
  • An Absorbent and trim 4 Layer Soaker (2 layers of bamboo/ 2 layers of microfiber) sewn-into this diaper makes it an all-in-one. The Leak Guard on the front inside of the diaper is ideal for tummy sleepers and lil' guys.
  • Bonus features: pocket opening to customize absorbency. Covered double leg gussets for baby's comfort and leak protection. Front leak guard for lil' guys and tummy sleepers.
  • Breathable waterproof PUL outer lining, no cover necessary. A CPSIA compliant product. Our prints are licensed.
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