FIT: How to snap Your Cloth Diaper


Laundry Tips

1) Read the laundry tabs on all of your diapers. Some say wash in only warm temperatures, some say hot. 

Prepping your diapers that contain PUL/TPU is easy: Just wash them on warm in a cloth diaper safe detergent. Hang dry or dry on low/medium heat. Do the same with any inserts that contain microfiber. 

2) All diapers that we carry can be washed on warm. If the temperature of the water is 95 degrees Fahrenheit or above, the manufacturers of our diapers say that the PUL seal may delaminate. 

We do this Regular Laundry Routine:

A) Warm prewash/rinse (no detergent) of diaper shells and inserts right before bed.

B) Then do a warm overnight soak with a detergent like Rockin' Green that is safe for cloth diapers AND contains ingredients that are specially formulated to get rid of cloth diaper stink.

C) Wake up and run the wash cycle.  Then rinse warm twice.  We hang dry ALL diaper shells inside out. You can, however, dry on low heat. Dry the inserts on medium or low heat.

3) All of our inserts can be washed in hot, warm, or cold water. Then rinse twice in your preferred temperature.  Do not prep an insert that contains any  microfiber by boiling them; microfiber may melt. To prep, just wash once at any temperature. They will become more absorbent after a few washes. Dry on medium or low heat.

*Bamboo terry inserts (that do not contain microfiber) may be prepped by boiling 20 or 30 minutes, if you would like. But we personally don't believe this is necessary. 

*Inserts can be washed with the diaper shells; however, we recommend being sure to use your velcro laundry tabs. Velcro will shorten the life of your 5-layer charcoal bamboo inserts.

4) How to wash the Fitteds/Hybrid Fitteds: Wash on hot or warm. Hang dry or, if you must, dry on low. Do not over-dry. 

5) Use a detergent/stain remover that is appropriate for cloth diapers ( Like Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent!l). These are without the chemicals that may bother your baby's skin or prevent your diapers from being absorbent/damage the PUL/TPU. 

6) Don't use fabric softener, enzymes, or additives. These will negatively affect the absorbency of your diapers.

7) Do not use bleach. This wears down the PUL (waterproof layer) on your diapers, not to mention it may cause skin problems for your baby. 

8) You can prevent most stains by spraying out a poopy diaper right away, and then soaking it in a pail of warm water with just a bit of cloth diaper safe detergent. 

Avoiding Leaks, Reducing Stinkiness

1) Always snap the hip snaps first and as tightly as possible, then  button the top snaps (as tightly as possible).

2) Is your baby a heavy wetter? Add another insert or use a more absorbent one. Most babies need more than a 3-layer insert anyway.

3) Change diapers frequently. You should be changing diapers every 2-3 hours, for the health of your Little One. However, if your diapers are leaking in less than 3 hours time, continue to read on! 

4) Make sure the diaper fit is right. If the diaper just isn't fitting in a snug fashion and you can't seem to adjust the velcro or snaps to accommodate, then maybe it is time to try another style or brand of diaper.  

5) Make sure your diaper rash cream is the right kind for cloth diapering (like Keisha's Rash Cream!). If it's not, it will clog up your diaper, making it less absorbent. You can use a flushable diaper liner between the diaper and baby's skin with the rash cream to help avoid diaper leaks due to build-up. Also, using a flushable liner decreases a sensitive baby's chances of rash from the fabric.

6) Use a detergent/stain remover that is appropriate for cloth diapers. Again, if it has certain chemicals/enzymes, your diaper will become less absorbent! 

7) Strip your diapers every month or so. This rids them of the build-up of ammonia, detergent, etc. If you are noticing that extra strong acrid scent burning your delicate nostrils and/or those diapers that once weren't leaking, now are, it is definitely time to strip! We carry RLR Laundry TreatmentThis is a great, affordable product for stripping cloth diapers!