OS "French Mice" All In One

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OS "French Mice" All In One

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One Size All-In-One AIO Cloth Diaper

All-in-One diapers are easy to use. No stuffing and un-stuffing! Just use, throw in the wash, and dry!


-Soft, stay-dry polar micro fleece inner lining.

-One Size fits baby from 7-33lbs.

-Double row of snaps for the perfect fit every time.

-No diaper cover or extra inserts are necessary. The waterproof, breathable outer layer and the absorbent 4 layer microfiber soaker does the trick!

-Trim fit.

Care: Wash on warm every two days or less with cloth diaper safe detergent. Tumble dry low. Do not use bleach, softeners, or additives.

*Made in China