1) Economic: Save Money! You could save up to $2000 by cloth diapering.

2) Eco-Friendly: Reduce waste by using reusable diapers. People may say, "But you are still polluting with detergent and using water!" However, that is like saying, "We should use styrofoam cups and plates, rather than washing our dishes." Which creates more waste? Further, you can always use biodegradable detergent. Also, water is theoretically a renewable resource. Lastly, there are more efficient washing machines that you could upgrade to when the opportunity arises. 

3) Healthy: Save the Booty! Cloth diapers do not have the chemicals found in disposables that irritate so many little bottoms. It's a healthier lifestyle choice. 

4) Adorable: Sooo Cute! Enjoy your darling print picks for that little bum :).